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So often people tend to lose site of beautiful penmanship or in this case…hand lettering. There’s just something much more fantastic about custom letters. Letters that aren’t determined by the computer to do the kerning, font size, serifs, and ligatures…but rather a conglomeration of all of it based on imagination. Here are a few of the works of Mary Kate McDevitt. Aren’t they all so splendid?

Possible wedding inspiration? Highly likely.

artworking: matthias heidrich


via the jealous curator

I love the colors and the symmetry of this artist, Matthias Heidrich.  The composition of the objects is spot on.  I love the aqua marine color he chose as the constant background in all of the images…that color with the pop of the fluorescent yellow…would be really cool for a style post for interior decorating. I’m just going to go ahead and make a mental note of that and maybe I’ll come back to it later.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday! Do something creative today!

etsy shop: rust

Etsy Shop


I don’t think I’ll get out of my fall kick until about December 1st.  Don’t get me wrong…I love Christmas and I’m sure I’ll fit in plenty of Christmas themed posts…but I’m just getting more and more excited every day about the autumn months.  I love the crisp cool air…warm colors…pumpkins…apple cinnamon candles…fires burning…I love it all.  Check out some of my favorite fall/rust colored items I found.